Software Engineering

I have experience taking vague product ideas and turning them into reality. This usually includes quickly prototyping ideas to get feedback early and then turning the best parts of the prototype(s) into production ready applications deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) including everything from Continuous Integration (CI) and Deployment (CD) Pipelines to Logging, Alerting, and Monitoring.

I’ve always been inclined to take things apart and investigate how they work—be it online or in the physical world. I’ve been fortunate to have many supportive and knowledgeable mentors, professors, and friends that have helped me to discover and accelerate my passion for crafting code and mentoring others.

If you’re interested in my work, please feel free to reach out to me. Additionally, you may find some of my work on GitHub.

Example Open Source Contributions and Interactions



Tools & Technologies

Please contact me for a copy of my resumé which includes and contextualizes the tools and technologies I've used.